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Data Recovery


It would be great if our computers were impervious to wear and tear. In the beginning, when they’re brand new, they seem perfect. But as with everything else, they grow slow and become prone to malfunctioning. Sometimes, hard drives can crash. Monitors can malfunction. For whatever reason, the pictures, documents, videos, and music that are contained in your computer can become trapped inside on your hard drive and inaccessible.


  • File won’t open, and is damaged or corrupted

  • The computer won’t turn on or display normally

  • Operating system consistently freezes while trying to open files

  • Computer makes odd noises

  • Files will not copy or transfer


If any of these symptoms describe what is happening on your computer, don’t panic.  Shut your computer down and do not turn it back on until contacting a Tech Squad Professional. We will arrange a time to service your computer—either on-site or at one of our stores in the Calgary area.  Our services are quick and professional, and data recovery is one of the areas we see a lot of and also specialize in. We know that your time is precious and will have a copy of all your information on another disk or transfer it to another server where it will be easily accessible.


Tips to prevent data loss:


  • Back up your computer’s data in several different places on a regular basis. Redundancy is key.

  • Keep your computer protected against viruses and other malware

  • If you store your information on the internet, be sure that whatever hosting service you use is reliable and will back up your information


If you have any questions or need help with any data recovery, please contact us.


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