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What is TSI V.M.S. Scan?


TSI V.M.S. stands for Vulnerability Management Service. V.M.S. is an automated scanning service, that was developed by SecuSolutions, to provide our end users with a comprehensive daily report on the security status of their mission critical networks, and web applications.


V.M.S. utilizes SecuSolutions proprietary technology in combination with several other world class technologies, to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities identified within your networks and web applications. The V.M.S. report identifies the issues, explains the risk associated, and provides a solution to the problem. No guess work necessary.


V.M.S. was designed for ease of use and understanding, as well as price competitiveness, making security affordable for all.


Customer Benefits


  • Daily world class vulnerability testing backed by SecuSolutions

  • Daily security recommendations and solutions

  • Use V.M.S. as one of the security controls to help comply with standards, regulations and laws such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as ISMS/ISO27001

  • View your historical scan data for up to one year and compare results by month, day

  • View your reports from anywhere via our secured log in site


V.M.S. Scan is the Solution


Confusion - Tech Squad V.M.S. Scan eliminates the confusion of choice making by clearly addressing one of the most critical areas of security, which is the perimeter surrounding your corporate network. V.M.S. Scan identifies any of the possible entry points that a hacker could exploit to gain entry to your corporate network so that you can protect these areas.


Anxiety - Tech Squad V.M.S. Scan reduces the anxiety of making the proper choice. V.M.S. Scan is the first line of defense, security professionals agree, protection of the perimeter is one of the most important steps in securing your corporation. Everything else is a plus. V.M.S. is powered by SecuSolutions.


Cost - TSI V.M.S. Scan is ‘in budget’. V.M.S. Scan has been affordably priced so that everyone can afford to be secured.




TSI V.M.S. Scan is powered by SecuSolutions. SecuSolutions is a multinational company that preforms vulnerability scans for governments and many global clients.


The Internet has become the most efficient and convenient means to conduct business. It has opened up many opportunities for many companies and individuals that use it as their main mode of communicating with customers, clients and the general public. Unfortunately as convenient as it may be, the use of the Internet does not come without inherited risks. Theft of information such as customer lists, personal data, credit card information, and corporate trade secrets can mean big money to those who intend on using it for monetary gain.


If left unguarded, this information can easily be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection. This person may work alone, or may be a part of an organized crime ring. They could be conducting their activities from anywhere in the world. The Internet is borderless, once connected, you are a part of the World Wide Web and the laws and regulations of your country or province mean nothing to anyone. It is in a sense; a free for all. Security issues are not someone else’s unfortunate circumstance, security is everyone’s concern. In many cases, it is now a requirement by law that companies take appropriate measures to prevent security breaches. But how do you go about doing this? What is one of the steps you can take to protect your information? TSI V.M.S. Scan is the answer.


Open ports that don’t need to be open, services that are running that are not required, poorly configured devices including Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Routers etc. Poorly Developed Web Applications that have coding issues and that are exploitable, all these issues can lead a hacker right into your system where they can gain access to practically anything they desire.

The TSI V.M.S. Scan will search and discover all of the possible entry points to your network and report on what actions that you need to take in order to prevent your system from becoming a target. Like the steering wheel lock analogy, if your system is locked down it will be of little to no interest to a hacker.


Don’t leave your security to fate; Protect your systems with TSI V.M.S. Scan.


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