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PC and Laptop Repair


Laptops, by their nature, are more prone to developing problems than their desktop counterparts. Their ability to be easily transported also means that they are subject to jarring. Batteries are less reliable than other energy sources and eventually die. And because a laptop is such a compact system, a failure in one part of the computer can impact the entire system. Your screen may black out, the system may freeze, or files may become corrupt. These things happen frequently with laptops (especially older models) but don’t necessarily mean that the life of your laptop is over.


Sometimes, laptops can become problematic before you are ready to purchase a new one.  If this is the case, TSI Services & Consulting can help. Our full assessment process may delay the need to replace your laptop. Our laptop repair technicians have been working in the computer hardware industry for years and have the experience needed to correctly diagnose and fix whatever problem your computer may have.


We service hardware problems for both PCs, Laptops and MACs including:


  • Power Problems (Battery and AC/DC Issues)

  • Screen/Display problems (graphics cards, etc.)

  • Hard Drive Failures (data loss and file corruption)

  • Keyboards, hinges, and various other parts repair/replacement

  • We will also work with your laptop’s software problems, such as:

  • Slow/old operating system performance

  • Errors, viruses, pop-ups, and malware

  • Crashes


Besides repairing your laptop, we can improve its functionality as well. If lack of memory is a problem, we can add RAM to your laptop to make it more efficient. We can clean the viruses off the computer and organize your data more efficiently so your laptop doesn’t labor as much to find and index files and data. Whatever kind of improvement or solution you’re looking for to extend the life of your laptop; chances are TSI can provide it. We’ve been the top provider of computer repairs in Calgary for years and would be glad to assist you in one of our three Calgary locations.


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